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At Fira Barcelona, we develop all of our activities within a collective effort to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path, centering on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.

At the core of BforPlanet are two dedicated initiatives: Towards Zero Waste, ensuring the event is as sustainable as possible, and Towards Inclusivity, creating an accessible and inclusive environment for all of our attendees.



We’ve said goodbye to single-use plastics around the event and in our catering menus. Drinks are sold in glass containers, and treated water stations are available across the venue.


All emissions generated by the event are offset by buying Verified Emission Reduction Carbon credits. Attendees can do the same with their emissions, and are also encouraged to get around Barcelona via public transport.


Special containers for separating waste are distributed across the venue, and materials from several boots and community areas are donated and reused. We also cut down on paper usage with a Digital Press Corner.
Sustainable Development Award
In 2017 Fira de Barcelona was recognized by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry as the best destination approach in implementing sustainability thanks to joint initiatives such as this one, first implemented at Smart City Expo World Congress. Since then, we have only continued to expand our scope.



Towards Inclusivity puts a name to a series of actions that has in fact been in place at Fira de Barcelona for several years, creating events that are inclusive and accessible to all. We have taken into account factors such as gender, disabilities and languages in the planning of BforPlanet, aiming to ensure that everyone is represented and has a voice here.


Besides our efforts to ensure that BforPlanet has a positive impact, we encourage our participants to join us combatting climate change through initiatives like Plant for the Planet.

Did you know that one trillion tress could buy us up to 15 years to reduce emissions to zero? And it would contribute to livelihoods and biodiversity as well. With our visitors’ help, BforPlanet planted 5,134 trees in its first edition, and platform is still open to continue donating.

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