A global debate shaping what's NOW for the Planet.

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A 2-day global meeting to discuss and approach solutions to the major challenges facing humanity.

We’ll collect innovative proposals, unimaginable solutions, real experiences and firm commitments that demonstrate that the path to change has already been carved out – giving the stage to the leading companies, organizations and experts in sustainability to demonstrate that seeking a positive social impact leads to new business opportunities.

Leadership Summit

A spotlight for worldwide leaders to share sustainability ideas and solutions from their unique and experienced point of view, featuring sessions on:
Resilient Governance in an Era of Global Crisis
Alliances at the Core of BforPlanet
The Profitability of Sustainable Development
How to Turn Climate Action Risks into Opportunities
Corporate Purpose: Challenges for a New Era

Business Opportunity Sessions

Points for discussion and presentation of both proposals and concrete solutions, all with the aim of moving towards achieving the SDGs. Join us to discuss:
Corporate Innovation for Sustainable Technologies
Ensuring Health, Safe Food and Water for All
Gender Equality Boosting Socioeconomic Growth
Moving Towards a Pollution-Free Planet
New Answers: Creative Economy for Sustainable Development
Transitioning to a Responsible Economy: Next Generation EU Fund
Stronger Profits Through Circular Economy

Be part of the prime global event for sustainability