Rosa María Vidal Monferrer
Rosa María Vidal Monferrer Secretary of the Board of DirectorsWAS (Women Action Sustainability)Madrid, Spain


Lawyer specialising in Administrative, Planning, Environmental, Real Estate and Construction Law, Infrastructures and Energy. Partner of BROSETA, she has been managing the Firm since 2016. Prior to joining the Firm in 2006, she had an extensive career as a State Lawyer.


Save to calendar 08-07-2021 12:1008-07-2021 13:00Europe/MadridGender Equality: a Must-Have for Economic Growth

Beyond a huge social issue, gender inequality is a massive economic challenge. According to the EU, improving gender equality would increase the EU’s GDP per capita by 6.1 to 9.6%, create an additional 10.5 million jobs by 2050, and improve staff retention, access to talent, or opportunities for innovation. So how can we help close the gender gap and enable this economic growth?


SDGs: 4,5,8,10,16

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