Jose Carlos Díez
Jose Carlos Díez Latin America Advisory CouncilUNDPMadrid, Spain


José Carlos Díez is partner of LUAfund. He combines his private activity as an economics professor at the University of Alcalá where he is Director of Water Economy Forum and the Observatory of Financial Reality. He is part of the United Nations UNDP Advisory Council for Latam.


Save to calendar 07-07-2021 16:0007-07-2021 16:40Europe/MadridSustainability Meets Profitability

These days, sustainable practices aren’t just the icing on the cake: they’re a recipe for growth and profit, letting companies mitigate risks, lower costs, and shape future markets matching consumers’ beliefs. So, how can business leaders hit the right balance between what they need in the short-term and what’s best in the long-term? Is there a winning formula for combining profitability with sustainability?


SDGs: 7,8,9,12

Barcelona (Montjuïc Venue) & Online