Augusto López-Claros
Augusto López-Claros Executive DirectorGlobal Governance ForumMadrid, Spain


Augusto Lopez-Claros is the Executive Director of the Global Governance Forum. An economist with over 30 years of experience he has held senior roles in major international organizations including the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the IMF:


Save to calendar 08-07-2021 10:4008-07-2021 11:00Europe/MadridAugusto López-Claros | Keynote Session | Lessons from COVID-19 and the Future of the SDGs

COVID-19 has been the most intense economic crisis since the Great Depression. It has reversed many of the development gains of the past 3 decades, including in the fight against extreme poverty. What are the lessons learned and why is it vitally important to build upon them to create a more sustainable, equitable world, with opportunity for all? And what are the likely costs of inaction as we confront global risks on multiple fronts?


SDGs: 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17

Barcelona (Montjuïc Venue) & Online