BforPlanet is the prime global event for sustainability, bringing together international business leaders to discuss and propose solutions to the big challenges currently facing humanity.

The event aims to create a platform for advancement of SDG Alliances in the spirit of Goal 17: “to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”.

About BForPlanet
BforPlanet supports the Sustainable Development Goals.
Sustainable Development Goals

BForPlanet 2021

BforPlanet came to Barcelona on 7-8th July 2021 as a physical-virtual hybrid event. In conjunction with Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, we established a rigorous health & safety protocol to ensure the event remained secure for all visitors, as well as offering a digital dimension to reach all those unable to attend in person.



A spotlight for committed CEOs and worldwide leaders in sustainable development. With inspiring talks and vibrant discussion forums to engage diverse sectors in multidisciplinary panels.



The chance to discuss and present both proposals and concrete solutions, all with the aim of facilitating collaboration between stakeholders to move towards achieving the SDGs.



A dynamic, inspiring space for all stakeholders involved in achieving the 2030 Agenda to discuss and exchange ideas to speed up the fulfillment of the SDGs, while enjoying a cup of coffee in our outdoor area.



This edition enhanced the impact of our congress by broadcasting all sessions via a digital platform, allowing professionals of all backgrounds to be part of the event, even within the current the current restrictions due to the pandemic.



The area of the event created to give visibility and support to innovative startups who are currently driving a more sustainable society and economy. In 2021, Startups@BforPlanet took the form of a Pitch Competition giving the stage to finalists selected through our Call for Startups.
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Taking advantage of this meeting point between public and private sector leaders, we presented some of the most promising projects that have been put forward for the NextGenerationEU initiative, creating synergies to achieve a lasting and inclusive recovery.

Join us in 2022

Next year, BforPlanet will return at full capacity with – in addition to all of the above – an Exhibition Area showcasing the latest products and services for driving sustainability and rolling out corporate ethical plans.

Do you want to stand out at BforPlanet in 2022?



A Global Call to Action

BforPlanet is a catalyst for collaboration.
Following the UN’s call to action to the world to develop strong stakeholder partnerships, and using the culture and values at the core of materializing the SDGs as their guiding principles, this premier global event exists to ensure sustainability and build a solid foundation for the future.
How will we do it? Attracting. Unifying. Aligning. We aim to create global awareness of the opportunities in strategic partnerships, unlocking the potential of the private sector and achieving a continued, heightened focus on change.

Sharing Experiences Forum

A crossroad of knowledge.
The event offers a unique opportunity to trade knowhow, expertise and lived experience with likeminded agents. This is a business junction where participants can gain understanding of others’ enterprise, customers, performance, solutions, and ultimately how we move forwards.

Accelerating Coalition Building

Global Social Alliance.

BforPlanet hones in on the here and now of the public, private and social sectors, bringing together multiple agents and industries in a horizontal, multi-level space.

Ushering in an era of New Corporate Purpose

B for Business.
Corporations have the ability to combine problem solving with profit. Tackling sustainability issues benefits not only companies and their shareholders, but also customers and workers. The 17 SDGs act a compass here, showing companies how to serve a social purpose while fulfilling revenue priorities.

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